August EP636 Bluetooth NFC Headphones Reviewed (UPDATED 2018)

August EP636 Bluetooth NFC Headphones

August EP636 Bluetooth NFC Headphones

With wireless Bluetooth technology, NFC connectivity, a built in mic, and onboard controls for about $32 dollars, the August EP636 Bluetooth NFC headphones is a feature packed value.

These pair of bluetooth headphones also looked great too and are available in a range of colors to suit most peoples taste. Check out the following August EP636 review to discover more.

Pros: Excellent price point; good battery life; lots of additional features.
Cons: Sound is OK for the price but doesn’t compare with more expensive models; not the best construction I’ve seen; very little outside noise attenuation; sound leaks from the headphones due to their on ear design.


  • Bluetooth Specification: Bluetooth v 4.0 + NFC
  • Operating Range: Up to 10m
  • Frequency Response: 80Hz – 20KHz
  • DSP: CVC6.0 Noise and Echo reduction
  • Speaker Output: 20mW
  • SNR: ≥90dB
  • Distortion: ≤1.0%
  • Battery: 195 mAh Built-in Li-ion Battery
  • Working Time: 14 hours
  • Charging Time: 2.5 hours
  • Standby Time: 480 hours
  • Charge port: Micro USB
  • Weight: 126g
  • Dimensions: 165.7 x 161.5 x 50mm

Package Contents

  • August EP636 Bluetooth NFC Headphones
  • USB Charging Cable
  • User Manual


August EP636 Bluetooth headphones feature an ultra-lightweight design with soft padded ear cups and a padded, adjustable headband. They are so small and light that you don’t even notice them on your ears.


The August EP636 is, at least in my opinion, a little on the flimsy side. Perhaps this is partially due to their lightweight design and the fact that they aren’t large over ear headphones. I wouldn’t be as rough on these as I am on some of my higher end and more durable pairs of over ear headphones. If I owned a pair I would certainly not leave them lying around where they could get dropped or stepped on.

Based on feel alone, which I admit is not an entirely scientific assessment, I don’t see these as a long lasting, durable pair of headphones. Fortunately, their price is low enough that they are not a huge investment. If you are the type of person who is careful with their headphones and always puts them away in a safe place after use, the August EP636 is probably a better choice for you than for someone like me that tends to leave items lying around.

August EP636 Features

August EP636 headphonesIn terms of features, the August EP636 is packed, especially considering its low price. A quick and easy Bluetooth connection allows you to connect wirelessly to any Bluetooth enabled device. Pairing is easy and once paired, repairing is easy as well.

The Bluetooth range is 10 meters and I didn’t notice any dropouts or problems within those ten meters.

Battery life is a long 12.5 hours per charge. When it’s time to recharge, simply insert the micro USB cable and the device recharges in 2.5 hours.

The August EP636 also features NFC technology so you can tap to connect to NFC compatible devices. There is also an integrated microphone with which you can make and receive calls, as well as give voice commands to your smartphone or other device. You can also use the mic with VOip services such as Skype. This gives you a hands free microphone and headphone set for internet calls and gaming.

There is also an integrated remote with buttons for controlling your headphones. You can adjust volume and playback, make and receive calls, and perform other operations.

How do the August EP636 Sound?

For the money you spend, the sound of this headphone is pretty good. The fact that they have more of on an on ear design means there is less isolation from outside noise, plus more sound leaks out.

If you have to listen in already noisy areas, this may not be the best set of headphones for you. Also, if you are in a quiet environment where the leakage from your headphones might disturb others, this is probably not the best headphone for you either.

They feature a small, sleek size and good overall sound for the price. While not up to the standards of much more expensive audiophile headphones, they sound good for the money and have a sound that is mostly balanced with some hype in the 80Hz to 160Hz bass frequencies.

They’re not what I would call basshead headphones where the bass is by far the most prominent frequency range. Still, the bass is somewhat more prominent than the mids and highs, although the bass is mostly in the 80Hz and up range. The headphone’s frequency response dips quite a bit below 80Hz and as a result, sub frequencies are not well represented.

I found the mids and highs to sound good too, although they are not exceptional. There’s nothing wrong with the sound, per say. They certainly sound better than a lot of headphones I have reviewed and considering their budget price, they hold their own pretty well.

If you require a budget Bluetooth pair of headphones with a lot of features then this set is definitely worth a look. However, if sound is your main concern you might be better off foregoing Bluetooth and buying a set of wired headphones which will not have all of the bells and whistles of the August, but will likely have a better sound due to the fact that more of the production costs can go into better sound quality.

Our Verdict on August EP636 Headphones

For the incredibly low price, there is a lot to like about the August EP636 headphones. In terms of the number of features for the price, there aren’t many headphones which compare.

One should keep in mind that when you buy something with lots of features at a rock bottom price, the costs have to be made up for somewhere. Oftentimes you get headphones which do everything OK, but don’t do anything extremely well. That’s what I get from these headphones.

The costs seem to be cut in the areas of durability and overall sound quality.

I would recommend this set for anyone who requires all of the above listed features at a rock bottom price. Just consider your needs. What is your main objective? Is it sound? Is it wireless connectivity? Or is it having as many features as possible? If your answer is the latter, it would be hard to go wrong with the August EP636.

However, if your answer is sound and sound alone, you can probably find a better sounding set of headphone with fewer features for about the same price.

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