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Best Headphone Stands 2018

Headphone Stands 2018

Let’s be honest, talking about the best headphone stands may not be as much fun as the latest high fi audiophile headphone models. But still, a good headphone stand is handy to have and more important than you may think.

In this article, we will talk about why you need a headphone stand and then review five of the coolest headphone stands on the market today.

Best 5 Headphone Stands 2018

So what are options are there for protecting your headphones from falling off your desk whilst also displaying their awesome look? Here are 5 of the most popular and great headphone stand choices.

Why You Need a Headphone Stand

Protection and Safe Storage

What do you do with your headphones when you’re not using them? Do you carefully roll up the cable and then put them back in their case or original box? If you’re like me, the answer is no. You want to care for your headphones, but you end up sitting them down on your desk, or even on the floor in front of the TV.

This encourages damage. They can get knocked off, stepped on, and potentially broken. A good headphone stand gives you a quick and convenient place to put your headphones when not in use. Most importantly, it keeps them safe.

Easy Storage and Organization

If you’re like me, you want to keep your listening area organized but you don’t always follow through. This is because organization takes time. Having a good headphone stand on your desk makes organizing your area much easier.

It’s so much simpler to keep things organized when all of your items have a designated place. Perhaps you’ve heard the saying, a place for everything and everything in its place.

A modern headphone stand gives you a designated place to store your headphones or headset when not in use.


Not only does a modern headphone stand help you stay organized and protect your investment; it also ensures that your headphones are readily accessible and can be found in seconds.

You won’t have to remember where you set them down last time. They will be waiting for you on their stand and ready to go. This saves you time and eliminates frustration.

What to Look for in a Headphone Stand

Hopefully, you’re now convinced that a getting a modern headphone stand is a great idea. So what should you look for in a quality headphone stand?

Dependability and Durability

The main thing you want to look for is something that is big enough to be sturdy and balanced, but small enough that it doesn’t take up more space than necessary. You should definitely trust your stand not to tip over. Also, look for quality parts.

Don’t trust a cheap stand to protect your high end audiophile headphones. Find something that is worthy of your investment. On the other hand, if you have a nice budget pair of headphones, there are certainly good options available which do a great job without costing a fortune.

Don’t fall for the ultra-cheap, poorly designed stands that are out there today. Yes, they are cheap, but you get what you pay for. What’s the point of buying something cheap when it only lasts a few short weeks?

Quality in Design

Since your headphone stand will be openly displayed in your home or office, it should be considered part of the room’s decor. I’m not at all saying you should buy based on appearance alone, but try to find something that is dependable and sturdy, but also fits with your sense of style and decoration.

There is no right answer here. Some may like the look of wood headphone stands, while others prefer modern headphone stand designs. Modern headphone stands are often sleek and minimalist, a great choice for saving space.

On the other hand, cool wooden headphone stand designs often have a more artistic feel.

Both are great; just choose which type of design best fits your style.

Main Types of Headphone Stands

While all stands serve the same basic purpose, that is to support your headphones or headset, differences in materials make a big difference in terms of durability and aesthetics.

Plastic Headphone Stands

Plastic is typically the most economical choice. This is not to say that plastic stands are not good stands. Just make sure that the stand has some weight to it and is well balanced.

Plastic also has the most variety in terms of design and aesthetic. Stands which are made of plastic will need to have some sort of built in weight inside in order to effectively hold your headphones.

Metal Headphone Stands

Metal stands tend to be more durable and can also hold more weight. This is likely a better choice for more expensive headphones.

The sleek shininess of metal gives a very different aesthetic than plastic or wood designs. Many of the most popular metal stands feature minimalist and modern designs. This is great if you’re looking for something which will do a great job without taking up a lot of space.

Other Types of Stands

Other common materials used in making headphone stands include wood, leather, and PVC.

Wood headphone stands have a great look and provided they have enough weight, do a great job of holding up your headphones.

Best Headphone Stands Reviewed

So what are some of the best headphone stands on the market today. We will look at the top five and explain their pros and cons, as well as why they may be a great choice for you.

Luxa2 E-One Aluminum Headphone Stand

luxa2 headphone stand

Pros: Weighted base gives solid stability; durable aluminum design; rubberized base so you don’t scratch surfaces; ergonomic; no assembly required.
Cons: Simple design might not be ideal for everyone’s personal tastes.

The Luxa2 E-One headphone stand features a weighted aluminum frame that is sleek, shiny, rust proof, and scratch resistant. It is light enough to move around but sturdy enough to hold your headphones without worry. Rubber pads on the bottom prevent scratching your desk or other surfaces.

In terms of design, the Luxa2 headphone stand is minimalistic and simple, measuring at 4.5 X 4.1 X 10.4 inches, it takes up no more space than needed, a plus on already crowded desks.

I like the open design of the Luxa2, which makes it ideal for headphones of all types, whether lightweight headphones, full sized professional headphones, or even full headsets. Regardless of the size of your phones, this stand will easily accommodate them and keep them safe and ready for the next use.

I also like that the entire unit is one piece and requires no assembly. Just take it out of the box and it’s ready to go.

Satechi Aluminum USB Headphone Stand

satechi aluminium headphone stand

Pros: Additional features such as 3 USB 3.0 ports, 3.5 mm jack, and built in cable management; sturdy design; quality aluminum construction.
Cons: Some assembly is required.

More than just a headphone stand, the Satechi USB headphone stand offers modern features and conveniences not found on other stands.

First, the Satechi features three USB 3.0 ports which you can connect to your computer through the included USB cable. This allows the stand to become an extension USB port, giving you three easy to reach USB 3.0 ports. Like all USB 3.0 ports, they are backwards compatible with earlier USB versions.

There is also a 3.5mm audio jack included which allows you to have an easily accessible place to plug in your headphones. This is perfect for those who connect their headphones to their computers and want to keep cables out of the way.

You can easily connect the headphone stand to any device you wish.

There’s also an included clip for cable management, which is great for keeping cables out of the way. Regardless of how sturdy the stand is, if you step on or get caught in a cable, you’re going to pull the stand off your desk. The Satechi prevents this by allowing you to clip the headphone cable to the stand, preventing accidents.

In terms of design and durability, the Satechi USB headphone stand excels with a solid and stable aluminum base with rubberized grips which prevent slippage. There are also rubberized grips on the base which prevent scratching your desk or other surfaces. I also like the hook at the end of the stand which keeps the headphones from slipping off.

Although the headphone stand itself is a great design, users will appreciate the easy connectivity of the USB ports and the 3.5mm cable. Both laptops and towers present problems with USBs. With laptops, there are never enough USB connections. With towers they are too hard to reach. The Satechi USB headphone stand solves this problem giving you more easily reachable options.

This stand does a great job of handling all types of headphones. Whether you have smaller on ear designs, full sized over ear cans, or a headset for gaming, this cool headphone stand will keep your phones safe and accessible.

Omega Wooden Headphone Stand in Walnut Finish

Headphone Stands 2018

Pros: Unique, eye catching design; padded base; no assembly required; attractive walnut finish.
Cons: May not fit some headphones; the base is somewhat light.

This Omega headphone stand is made from laminated woods with a walnut veneer. It is not pure walnut. However, laminate construction is strong, sturdy, and light—three qualities which the Omega definitely contains.

While the base is strong and will accommodate most sets of headphones, my only concern is that the lightweight base may tip over if it is bumped or if someone steps on or gets caught in the cable. I do, however, feel that the width of the base is sufficient to support your headphones.

The single piece laminate stand is 10 inches tall, making it tall enough to accommodate larger headphones including headsets designed for gaming. Some headphones may not match the exact curvature of the stand design, but most will fit fine.

Felt pads on the bottom keep the stand from scratching your desk or other surfaces. This is definitely a plus.
In terms of looks, the Omega is a stylish design that is also ergonomic and doesn’t take up much space. It looks great on your desk or wherever you choose to display your headphones.

Avantree Solid Steel Headphone Stand

Avantree Solid Steel Headphone Stand

Pros: Made with durable steel; flexible headphone rest; affordable; base allows for convenient cable storage.
Cons: Minimal amount of assembly required.

The Avantree Solid Steel Headphone Stand features a solid steel frame attached to a silicon base. The base is not entirely silicon, fortunately. The steel part extends down to the bottom of the stand, creating a stable weighted base.

The headphone holder is 4 cm wide, while the base is 15 cm wide. The height of the stand is 25cm. This allows the Avantree to support most all headphones of varying shapes and sizes. Whether you have smaller on ear headphones, audiophile over ear phones, or even headset gaming headphones, this stand should fit them with ease.

The Avantree headphone stand is compatible with headphones with a headband width of 1.57 inches/4cm and a height of 9.84 inches/25cm. While this includes most headphones there may be a few that exceed this size, so if you have larger phones, measure them before buying.

The headphone rest and base are made of silicone material which is nice because of its flexibility and resistance to scratching. I also like the recessed base which provides a space to store your cable.

Most stands take care of the headphone while forgetting about the cable. Being able to keep your headphone cable out of the way prevents tangling and also minimizes potential damage to your headphones.

I found the steel headphone stand to be durable and well designed. The silicone parts, while not as strong as steel, are durable and long lasting while also being soft on your headphones.

Quadira Wooden Headphone Stand with Walnut Finish

Quadira Wooden Headphone Stand Walnut Finish

Pros: Attractive walnut finish; stable base; padded base prevents scratching; no assembly required; attractive design.
Cons: Lightweight wood construction.

A second wooden headphone stand on our list, the Quadira Wooden Headphone Stand features an attractive walnut finish and a minimilalistic, ergonomic design. There a pads on the bottom of the item which keep the stand from scratching your desk or other surfaces.

It is a little lighter than the Omega headphone stand but I don’t see this as an issue in terms of stability. They will both easily support headphones of various sizes and styles. While some may be concerned about the headphones being bumped and knocked off the desk, this concern is valid with all of the headphone stands on this list.

All of them will support your headphones, but all of them also have the potential to slide or tip over if hit hard enough. In fact, it would take a very heavy base to prevent this all together.

The Quadira stand is 10 inches high and 5.5 inches across, which is about the same as the Omega. I found the durability and stability of both to be pretty much equal.

The Quadira has an attractive design that would look great on any desk. Some will prefer the sleek look of metal, while others will prefer wood. It is really a matter of personal preference.

The Quadira stand will accommodate all sorts of headphones provided they are less than 10 inches tall. I wouldn’t be afraid to put larger over ear headphones or gaming headsets on this stand. Considering the low price and attractive design, the Quadira is a great headphone stand to consider, especially for fans of wooden headphone stand designs.

Best Headphone Stands On the Market

We hope you have enjoyed this article and learned about the many benefits headphone stands have to offer.

Not only are you keeping your headphones near and within reach, you’re also keeping them out of harm’s way. In addition, they give you the added benefit of helping to keep your listening area clean and organized—something we could all use a little help with now and then.

Regardless of your specific need, there is a headset stand in this list that is perfect for you. While some offer simple stability, others provide additional features such as USB connectivity, a space for your cable, and 3.5mm cable jacks.

Designs are diverse as well with stands made from aluminum, steel, plastic, silicone, and wood. While aluminum and steel are stronger, consider your budget and choose the best option for your needs. Wood is a great option as well, providing a different look and feel than their aluminum and steel counterparts.

Consider the type of headphones you own and base your stand on the level of protection and stability you require. Obviously, you wouldn’t want a more expensive stand than headphone; that simply wouldn’t make sense.

If you have a five hundred dollar pair of high end audiophile headphones, then by all means buy a high end headphone stand. If you have a pair of nice budget phones on the other hand, you may not need the most expensive stand on the market.

Fortunately, there is a headphone stand that is just right for you, regardless of your budget.

Check out our Headphone stand review summary above.