7 Best Waterproof Bluetooth Headphones 2018 Reviewed

Best Waterproof Bluetooth Headphones 2018

Waterproof bluetooth headphones

Developments in technology now make it possible with the best waterproof bluetooth headphones to listen to music underwater or in wet environments.

Bluetooth technology is a reliable and convenient way to wirelessly send audio. It makes daily life easier and allows us to listen to music without wires.

Waterproof design technology offers many advantages as well.

I can swim or take a shower with my watch on, plus I have a waterproof flashlight that still works in the rain or if drop it in water. But it’s when these two technologies combine that things really get interesting.

Wearing the best waterproof Bluetooth headphones, you can listen in the rain, in the shower, or even while swimming in the pool.

7 Best Waterproof Bluetooth Headphones

Bragi Dash Pro 2 – Best for Swimming

Bragi Dash Pro 2
The Bragi Dash Pro 2 are certainly not the cheapest pair of headphones, nor are their smart features perfect. But what this headphone does offer is an IPX7 waterproof wireless Bluetooth pair of earbuds with the best possible fit.

Dash Pros can be bought in two configurations.

First is the standard Dash Pro which comes with various ear bud tips so you can get the best fit possible. The second version requires you to go to an audiologist and have a mold made of your ear.

Your earbuds are then custom made for a perfect fit, in much the same way as form fitted hearing aids. The price also jumps to $499, pricey yes, but if you spend a lot of time in the water, they may be well worth the investment.

One of the most common complaints about swimming earbuds is that water gets in your ears and Bragi seems to have come up with a solution for this problem.

The audio quality is excellent, with lots of bass.

Some feel the initial pairing process is difficult at first. This is due to the incredibly small size of the device. However, once the device is paired to your phone or player for the first time, repairing isn’t a problem at all. Both models do a good job of reducing outside noise.

There’s also a feature which allows audio to pass through—letting you have a conversation without taking the earbuds out. I found this to be an excellent and convenient feature.

The Dash Pro has lots of additional features including a fitness tracker, built in MP3 player, built in translator, ability to talk to Siri or Google, and the ability to give commands using gestures.

Many of the smart features are clunky and difficult to get used to, although they are great ideas that just need some work. If you don’t like using hand gestures and head nods to give commands, however, an intuitive smart phone app is included. My guess is most will prefer to use this method.

If you’re mainly interested in a set of swimming earbuds with a perfect fit, the imperfection of the smart features won’t be an issue.

The Dash Pro wins out as best swimming Bluetooth headphone because of its amazing fit and excellent audio quality. Keep in mind that you will have to stay above water or you will lose the Bluetooth connection.

Despite its imperfections in other areas, these features put it ahead of any other Bluetooth headphone we’ve tried.

Pros: The best fit possible; great audio; excellent bass; intuitive app for giving commands; lots of smart features; five hour battery life; easy to recharge; IPX7 waterproof.
Cons: Expensive; smart features can be difficult to use; initial pairing is difficult although easy from then on.

SoundWhiz Wireless Bluetooth Sports Headphones – Best Budget Model

SoundWhiz Wireless Headphones
The SoundWhiz wireless Bluetooth headphones are a great value and so one of the cheapest waterproof wireless headphones on the market. They have an IPX7 rating which means they can be submersed in up to 1 meter of water for thirty minutes.

For the price, the audio quality is excellent, although they don’t have a huge bass sound. This does not bother me as I prefer a well-balanced sound, but those who prefer powerful bass may be disappointed. I was also impressed by the fit and overall design which is comfortable and ergonomical to wear.

The earbuds come with multiple tip sizes so you can choose the best possible fit. The Bluetooth pairs easily and produces a stable connection for up to 30 feet. Battery life is 8 hours before charging which is great for an item of this price.

There is also a microphone for taking calls, talking to Siri, etc., and you can easily switch between two paired devices.

I especially like the built in controls. The buttons are big and easy to reach, allowing you to easily adjust volume and change songs.

The headphones also include noise cancelling technology, which isn’t on par with products from Bose but does a good overall job, especially considering the price.

SoundWhiz wireless Bluetooth headphones come with a nice zipper case, as well as a micro USB charging cable.

Pros: Great price; excellent sound quality for the price; buttons are easy to use; easy to charge; 8 hours of battery life; easy to pair; allows you to pair to two devices; noise cancelling technology; IPX7 waterproof rating.
Cons: The sound is balanced but doesn’t have a huge amount of bass; noise cancelling technology isn’t on par with more expensive models.

Sony SBH70BK – Great Sound, Best Wireless Waterproof Headphone for Taking Phone Calls

Sony SBH70BK Wireless Headphones
Sony’s SHB70BK Wireless Bluetooth headphones offer great sound and features at a great price. The pair is IP57 rated and can safely be submerged for 30 minutes at a depth of up to one meter.

The headphones are small, lightweight, and comfortable to wear. They have a great sound as well, with full, rich bass, clear mids, and sparkling highs. The sound of both the headphones and the microphone are the best selling points of this model.

I usually find built in microphones to be lackluster at best, although adequate for the job they do. The Sony mic, on the other hand, is an excellent microphone. If you will be taking a lot of calls and using your headset, this is a great model to consider.

They do not come with additional ear tips and although I found them to be comfortable, they may not fit everyone’s ears. The included neck band contains the controls which are easy to locate and use. The neck band even vibrates when you receive a call and a built in microphone lets you talk with ease.

Bluetooth range is 30 feet and battery life is 6 hours for music and 8 hours for taking calls, not the best overall battery life but pretty close to average for its price range. Pairing is easy and the connection is stable.

I personally found these headphones to be comfortable and didn’t even notice they were on. I could see, however, the neck band getting in the way during certain activities.

Overall, this is a comfortable pair of headphones with great sound quality and a superior mic design. I highly recommend this model to anyone wanting a light, easy to use pair of headphones, especially those who will be taking a lot of calls.

Pros: Great sound; excellent microphone design; comfortable to wear; easy to use and pair; built in controls on the neck band; neck band vibrates when you get a call.
Cons: Does not offer multiple ear bud sizes.

SENSO Bluetooth Headphones – Another Excellent Budget Choice

SENSO Bluetooth Headphones
Another excellent budget choice, Senso wireless IPX7 Bluetooth Headphones give you lots of features for the price. They are IPX7 waterproof and can withstand being submersed for 30 minutes at a depth of up to one meter.

A lightweight, ergonomic design with flexible ear hooks make this set comfortable to wear while ensuring that they stay put during exercise or other activities. A lithium polymer battery gives you up to 8 hours of listening and a stable Bluetooth connection gives you a range of 30 feet.

This model also features noise cancelling technology which while not on par with Bose or similar products, is good for the overall price.

A built in microphone lets you take calls and built in controls on the headphones let you adjust volume and skip tracks. The sound quality is excellent for this price range, with a sound that’s well balanced and clear.

While these aren’t audiophile quality, the sound does not disappoint. The highs are clear, the mids are punchy, and the lows are full and well balanced. All in all, this is a great set of headphones for anyone on a tight budget.

Pros: IPX7 waterproof design; lightweight and comfortable to wear; ear hooks help the headphones stay put; long battery life; stable Bluetooth connection; noise cancelling technology included; includes multiple ear tips, case, and USB charging cable.
Cons: Noise reduction technology is not on par with more expensive models.

Plantronics BackBeat FIT Wireless Bluetooth Headphones – Best Mid Price Model

Plantronics BackBeat FIT Headphones
With a flexible stay put design, sweat proof nano-coating, and a great sound, Plantronics BackBeat Fits are perfect for your workout. This set is ultra-comfortable and lightweight to the point you forget you’re even wearing it.

I especially love how well this set stays put when you are working out and really moving.

An eight hour battery life and stable Bluetooth connection mean you can concentrate on your workout. IP57 waterproof rating means they can withstand being submersed in water for 30 minutes at a depth of up to 1 meter. Pairing is easy and the built in controls are easy to access and use.

A built in microphone allows you to take calls and give voice commands.

This set has a good overall sound with powerful bass that works well for both calls and music. Unlike some designs which block out external noise, this set is designed to allow you to hear external noises, which is a plus if you are running, walking, or jogging.

If you want to attenuate outside sounds this may not be the best model. However, it does what it is designed to do well and is a top pick for outdoor exercise, especially when near traffic.

Pros: Incredibly comfortable; stays put when in use; IP57 waterproof rating; 8 hour battery life; easy to pair; intuitive built in controls; built in microphone; designed to allow you to hear external sounds.
Cons: Not the best choice if blocking outside noise is a concern.

BlueAnt Pump HD – Great Budget Headphones

BlueAnt Pump HD
At around 30 dollars BlueAnt Pump HD is another budget set. But while budget, this is a great set of headphones for the money. A comfortable ergonomic design makes them comfortable to wear while keeping them from moving on your head.

I especially love that additional ear tips and stabilizers are included, allowing you to choose the perfect fit for your needs.

The sound is really good for the price with strong bass that overpowers the sound to a certain degree, but not unlike the extended bass models that many people love. I tend to prefer a balanced sound but that’s just my personal opinion.

With an IP67 rating, you can submerse them in water for up to 30 minutes at a depth of up to 1 meter.

Built in controls allow you to change volume and tracks but I found the controls to be kind of clunky and not intuitive, although once you get used to them I’m sure they are fine.

The Bluetooth connection is stable and was easy to pair. Battery life is listed as up to 8 hours of listening time and charge time is a fast two hours.

Pros: Affordable; stays put; additional ear tips and stabilizers for a great fit; good overall sound for the price.
Cons: Some may find the bass a little overpowering; controls are not intuitive at first.

Leophile EEL –The Headphone with the Most Bang for the Buck

Leophile EEL
With a great price, excellent sound quality, long battery life, and comfortable feel, the Leophile EEL gives you the most bang for your buck.

An IPX7 rating means you can submerse the headphones in up to a meter of water for thirty minutes without doing damage. This makes them great for exercise, the shower, or any other near water activities.

The design is unique but also extremely comfortable to wear and stays in your ears without moving. Three pairs of silicone ear tips are included, allowing you to have the best possible fit. I’m a fan of silicone as it’s softer and more comfortable to wear than the harder plastic variety.

The sound quality is really good considering the price. While not audiophile level, they have a well-balanced sound with bass that is pronounced but not overbearing. It’s not light on bass but isn’t heavy on bass either. It’s a nice overall balance.

The Bluetooth connection is stable and they are incredibly easy to pair. The built in controls are intuitive and easy to use. The microphone sounds good as well and allows you to take calls and give voice commands with ease. A two hour charge gives you an amazing 10 hours of battery power. Recharging is easy with the included micro USB cable.

Pros: Great sound; comfortable to wear; great design; good microphone; long battery life; intuitive controls.
Cons: None at this price point.

How to Judge the Best Waterproof Headphones

When evaluating waterproof Bluetooth headphones, there are several important factors to consider. First, of course, is how waterproof the headphones are. This is explained through IP ratings. Let’s talk about these ratings and learn how they apply to headphone selection.

IP Ratings

When evaluating the best Bluetooth waterproof headphones you will likely come across IP ratings. The IP stands for Ingress Protection, in other words, the degree of protection against what could enter and cause harm, such as objects, dust, and water. IP ratings describe the degree of protection against solids and liquids in various products.

The third character in IP, often an X, or at times a number, tells you the degree of protection against solid objects. These include hands, fingers, wire, tools, and dust. For example, IP6 means dust will not get into the device.

You will notice there is often an X in this spot. This simply means that the product has not been tested in this area. Since solid objects are not a primary threat to headphones, most manufacturers do not test in this area. This does not mean that these headphones are not safe from dust; only that the degree to which they are has not been evaluated.

The fourth character, the 4 in IPX4, for example, refers to the degree of protection against liquids, most commonly water. This is the number you should be most concerned with when evaluating waterproof or water resistant headphones. Headphones are rated from IPX4 to IPX8.

Let’s talk about those ratings and what they mean.

IPX4 Rating

The designation of IPX4 means the headphone is weatherproof or water resistant. Weatherproof means the product has been tested to resist splashing water on all sides. The test duration is five minutes, with 10 liters of water splashing per minute.

An IPX4 rated set of headphones will be protected against moisture, condensation, and exposure to the elements such as rain. Headphones with this rating can’t be continuously submersed in water, but if water gets splashed on them or they come into contact with rain, they will be perfectly fine. Consider IPX4 and above if you’re looking for something sweat proof.

IPX5 Rating

IPX5 means that the headphones are protected against low pressure water jets from any direction. This is a similar test to the IPX4 test, only with higher water pressure.

IPX6 Rating

IPX6 means the product has been tested to resist high pressure water jets hitting from any direction. This is similar to the IPX5 test, only with higher pressure water jets.

IPX7 Rating

The IPX7 rating means that the headphones are waterproof and able to be submersed in water at a depth of one meter, for 30 minutes. This doesn’t necessarily mean the phones can only handle thirty minutes of being submersed. It simply means this was the duration of the test.

It is not recommended, however, to exceed the duration of the tests. Headphones with an IPX7 rating are safe in the shower and when swimming providing that you don’t dive or swim more than 1 meter underwater.

IPX8 Rating

A product with the IPX8 rating can be continuously submersed in water up to a certain depth. For example, if the product is IPX8 to 5 meters it can continually be submersed at a depth of 5 meters without harm.

Can Waterproof Bluetooth Headphones Be Used Underwater

Yes and no. When an IP rating says a product is, for example, IPX7, this refers to the device’s ability to withstand being submerged without harm. It says nothing about the quality of the Bluetooth connection when underwater.

IPX7 headphones can be used at a depth of up to a meter for 30 minutes without harm.

The Bluetooth signal, however, will get disconnected as Bluetooth does not travel well through water. So yes you can go underwater, but no, your Bluetooth connection will not stay connected.

Can You Swim With Waterproof Wireless Headphones

Yes, provided you do not swim underwater. Although the headphones can withstand the water, you will lose your Bluetooth connection as Bluetooth does not travel well through water.

As long as you stay above water and swim on top of the water, you should be fine swimming with your waterproof headphones. I do recommend an IP rating of 7 so that in the event that you do submerse the headphones, they will not be damaged.

Other Factors to Consider with Waterproof Bluetooth Headphones

Fit and Comfort

If you’re going use your headphones around water, you want a tight, comfortable fit. You don’t want water getting in your ears while you’re listening. You also don’t want them falling off. A pair of ear buds with multiple size ear tips is a good idea, especially if you’re aren’t sure the headphones will fit.


Sound quality is always a factor; you are listening to them after all. While Bluetooth compression degrades the audio quality, at least compared to audiophile wired units, some Bluetooth sets certainly sound better than others and there’s no reason to not have a set with a great sound.


Finally, price has to be taken into the equation. If money wasn’t limited, we would all buy the nicest, most expensive set we could find. Most of us, however, have to weigh options and find the best headphones for our needs within our specific budget ranges. Because of this, recommendations are given at all budget points, from the most expensive, down to the best bargain pair.