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Bluedio U (UFO) Review

Bluedio U UFO Headphones

Bluedio U (UFO) wireless over the ear headphones are hugely popular despite the brand not being too well known. Their success is not only matching the demand for wireless headphones and earbuds for listening on the go but the quality of the build and the great bass.

Entirely wireless earbuds and bluetooth headphones mean you’re not restricted like wired alternatives.

Each different type of wireless headphones offers different advantages to the user, some of which may be more important to individuals than others.

With so many headphones out on the market now, how can you know which headphones are right for you?

One brand of wireless headphones has proved extremely efficient and well-liked by customers. This headphone brand is the Bluedio U (UFO). This pair of headphones offers a wide array of impressive features that allow the most pleasurable listening experience possible for the owner.

In our Bluedio UFO Review we will cover these various features.

Bluedio U (UFO) On the Go

Bluedio U UFO headphone dimensionsThese headphones are designed to be as efficient as possible for a music lover who is on the go. The directional buttons for your music, such as the play, skip, rewind, pause, and volume control buttons, are all located conveniently on the outside of the ear of the headphone.

This way, it is easy to make sure that the music you want to be listening to is as easy to access as it possibly could be.

If you are busily on the go, it is very likely that you have a lot of different things to carry around with you from place to place. Your headphones should not add another labor onto you. They should rather make this labor more enjoyable with your favorite music.

The Bluedio keeps this in mind. How?

These headphones have convenient sides that fold in thereby making them smaller and much easier to transport from one area to another. The dimensions of the headphones are also manufactured to be thin and manageable. This allows for an easy time transporting the headphones from one destination to the next.

A major risk that comes with any pair of Bluetooth headphones is the battery life. If you are constantly on the go, you likely do not have time to make sure that your headphones are charged all the way up, and it is not fun to get stuck somewhere without your favorite music.

Bluedio U headphones can hold a battery life of up to twenty-five hours so that the eager and busy listener does not have to constantly be worried about running back to charge them

The Sound

With any headphones, one of the most important and obvious things that anyone takes into consideration is the quality of the sound.

If the sound quality is not amazing, then the headphones are not efficiently doing the job that they should be doing. That is why a lot of research and high-quality technology has gone into manufacturing these Bluedio UFO headphones.

The Bluedio U (ufo) PPS 8 technology is inspired by the amazing sound quality of a home theatre. The sound that is being transferred through the headphones is engineered specifically by a series of multiple drivers. This allows for the high-quality sound that resounds out of the headphones.

Not only does the Bluedio U use PPS 8 technology, but they also have functions and technology that allow for lifelike sound.

This lifelike sound allows you to hear all of the tiny dynamic shifts in the music making it all the more interesting to listen to. This clear sound helps to breathe new and energetic life into any song, new or old.

There is also a very interesting feature that these headphones offer called 3D Sound. When 3D sound is turned on, a new, concert hall sound is used to funnel your music to you.

It allows for the dramatic feeling of a live performance without compromising the wonderfully high quality of the sound.

We cannot fail to mention that the bass is good for wireless headphones, so if you’re a bit of a basshead then these could be perfect for you.

The Feeling

While a wide array of headphones may offer a high-quality sound, not all of the headphones are able to offer a high-quality sound alongside the comfortable usability of a good pair of headphones.

Sometimes when the work is being done on the functionality of the headphones, the comfortability is compromised. The designers of the Bluedio headphones, however, have done work to ensure that the high-quality technology does not come at the cost of comfortability.

The headphone ear pillows are made up of soft, faux-leather cushions to ensure that your ears remain comfortable while you are listening.

The headphones are also adaptable to the size of each individuals head to ensure that they do not slip off or squeeze uncomfortably. The headphones are also made up of a very lightweight material which ensures that they will not become a burden on your head and neck.

The Make Up

A good pair of headphones can be a substantial investment, and it is important to invest in headphones that not only provide a high-quality sound but are built to last. A lot of this lies within the materials that the headphones are made out of. Bluedio U headphones are made out of substantial materials that are built to last.

These headphones are made out of high quality aluminum-titanium alloy which makes them very difficult to break. Furthermore, the alloy not only protects the durability of the headphones but makes them very scratch resistant. This way the headphones will look good for a long time while their quality also lasts for a long time.

The Look

Bluedio U UFO from the topEvery person has a different style of music, and their headphones should be able to reflect that individuality.

That is why the Bluedio UFO headphones are offered in a wide variety of colors such as black, purple, red, titanium, white, black and red, black and silver, and gold.

This way people are able to express their individuality both with their music and their headphones.

Bluetooth Usability

With many wireless Bluetooth headphones, one of the most frustrating things can be when the headphones do not operationally hook up to Bluetooth.

These headphones are able to hook up the Bluetooth of a variety of different wireless devices. They are able to hook up to any Bluetooth tablet, smartphone, or MP3 player. The Bluetooth signal is so strong that the wireless capabilities of the headphones can be looked on as reliable in any situation.

Our Verdict on Bluedio U (UFO) Headphones

Whilst we really like the comfort off the headphones and the fact they are wireless, the sound quality is not the best. At this price range we would expect better sound quality despite the bass being fairly punchy.

Our verdict is that Bluedio U UFO headphones aren’t bad, but there are better options out there for headphones under $200.

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