Bohm b76 Review - Wireless Noise Cancelling Over Ear Headphones

Bohm B76 Review

Bohm b76 wireless headphones

With an attractive design, great sound, comfortable wearability, and the freedom of movement only wireless headphones can provide, Bohm B76 headphones provide quality features at an affordable price.

Check out this Bohm B76 review and learn why Bohm headphones are making a mark on the headphone industry.

Pros: Wireless; easy to pair; 16 hours of battery life per charge, 8 with noise cancelling on; 2 hour quick charge; rotatable and foldable; easy to access controls; active noise reduction.
Cons: Does not have a built in mic; too big for exercise and gym use.


  • Headphone Type: Wireless Bluetooth Over-Ear
  • Microphone & Controls: Power on, volume, next; there is no built in microphone
  • Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth 4
  • Working Time: Up to 16 hours, 8 hours with noise cancelling on
  • Charging Time: 2 hours
  • Noise Reduction Performance: 20 dB of reduction
  • Driver: 40mm
  • Operating Distance: 10 meters (30 feet)
  • Battery: 320mA

Package Contents

  • Bohm B76 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones
  • Charging Cable
  • 3.5mm Wired Cable
  • Carrying Case
  • User Manual


The first thing I wanted to do in our Bohm B76 review was check out the wearability of these headphones. After all, even if the headphones sound amazing you won’t enjoy them if they are uncomfortable to wear.

In terms of comfort, however, the B76 does not disappoint. They have plenty of cushioning and padding, are easily adjustable, and stay on your ears once in position. I would have no problem wearing these for hours on end.

The soft leather feels good on your ears, providing plenty of padding and wearing comfort. Plus, the headband is well padded and rests softly on your head.


While they are not designed for rugged outdoor use, these Bohm headphones are still well made and will stand up to daily use. The brushed metal finish not only looks great but makes them highly durable as well.

I also love that they are foldable, making them easy to store. This makes them much more convenient to carry for daily use.

The included case does a great job of protecting the headphones when not in use and the overall build quality is excellent, with a sturdy and solid feel.


For a set of wireless over ear headphones in the 100 dollar category, these are packed with features, including wireless Bluetooth connectivity, active noise cancellation, great sound, and easy to access controls.

Connecting via Bluetooth is simple. The MFB (multi-function button) allows you to easily set up and pair, while a built in light informs you that Bluetooth is connected.

Whether you are using Android or iOS, pairing is easy and stable once connected.

Another feature I love is the large and easy to access volume and skip buttons. Some wireless headphones have buttons that are hard to reach and adjust without taking the headphones off.

The buttons on the B76 are large and simple to reach. You will have no trouble adjusting volume or skipping to the next track.

Bluetooth range is 10 meters and battery life is a long 16 hours before recharge is required. With noise cancelling engaged the battery life is 8 hours. Charge time is an ultra-fast 2 hours and is easily accomplished via the included USB charging cable.

If battery power runs out, you can use the included 3.5mm cable and use the headphones as a traditional wired set. Please note that noise cancelling and onboard controls do not work in this situation.

The active noise cancelling circuitry is easy to turn on and off and does a good job of reducing outside ambient noise.

The Bohm B76 headphones in this review excelled in reducing lower pitched constant noises, making them great for attenuating plane, train, and commute noise. The active noise cancelling circuitry is not perfect, but no noise cancelling technology is.

As long as you are not expecting to be able to completely isolate yourself from the outside world, you will find the active noise cancelling useful and enjoyable.

All noise is attenuated to a certain degree but some outside sound will get through. In fairness, this is true of all noise cancelling headphones.

Unfortunately, the Bohm B76 does not have a built in microphone, so if taking calls and giving voice commands to your smartphone are important to you, these may not be your best choice. Keep this in mind when considering whether or not to buy Bohm B76 headphones.


The sound portion of the Bohm B76 review consisted of listening to several types of music, as well as podcasts and audio books. The headphones performed well on each, with clear audio that was both fun and enjoyable to listen to.

Bluetooth audio is compressed and this does have an effect on the sound quality. However, it is minimal and unless you directly compare the Bohms to a high end audiophile pair of headphones, the sound of Bluetooth is not really noticeable.

The sound also changes a bit when the active noise cancellation is turned on. I wouldn’t call it a change for better or worse, just a slight, noticeable change. All in all, they sound great with or without the noise reduction on.

The bass on the Bohm headphones is extended, but not in a bad or overbearing way. It is more powerful than on a flat audiophile level headphone, but is not over the top or excessive. The bass is tight, clean, and powerful.

The mids are clear and vivid while not sounding muddy. This is great considering that extended bass often muddies the mids. On this model, however, this did not seem to be an issue.

The highs on the Bohm B76 are clean and present, with a nice, airy quality that isn’t sibilant or harsh. Regardless of the material played, I didn’t feel the slightest bit of ear fatigue.

Our Bohm B76 Verdict

With a reliable Bluetooth connection, great sound, comfortable wearability, and built in active noise cancellation, Bohm B76 wireless headphones are a great value which hold their own against considerably higher priced headphones.

Their sharp leather on brushed metal looks, excellent build quality, and powerful bass add to the list of great features. I wish the B76 had a built in microphone but other than this small complaint, this is a great set of headphones.

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