Photive BTH3 Over Ear Bluetooth Headphones (UPDATED 2018)

Photive BTH3 Over Ear Bluetooth Headphones

Photive BTH3 review

With a less than $40 dollar price tag, the Photive BTH3 is a steal. With Bluetooth wireless connectivity, easy pairing, comfortable wearability, and good overall sound quality for the price, the BTH3 is perfect for anyone on a tight budget who wants an affordable wireless headphone.

Pros: Affordable; lots of features; long battery life; stable Bluetooth connection.
Cons: Sound quality is decent but good for the price; some may not like the number of buttons.


  • Receiver Range: 2401MHz-2480MHz
  • USB Interference: High speed USB 2.0
  • Battery: Rechargeable Lithium polymer battery (3.7V/450 MA/h)
  • Charger Power: Computer USB interface DC5V; DC5V (500MA); Travel Charger; DC 5V (500MA) car charger
  • Successive Working Time: About 12-15 Hours
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz; S/N ratio: -82db
  • Microphone Unit: 4*1.5mm
  • Impedance: full directivity
  • S.P.L: -52, 2dB
  • Rated Power:
  • Frequency Response: 30Hz-16, 000Hz
  • Driver Diameter: 40mm
  • Impedance: 32Ω
  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20kHz
  • S.P.L: 106 dB S.P.L at 1KHz
  • Aggregate Capability: 40mW

Package Contents

  • 3.5 mm audio cable
  • USB charging cable
  • User guide
  • Hard carrying case


The Photive BTH3 features comfortable wearability with a soft rubberized exterior and well cushioned earcups that wrap perfectly around your ears. There is also a padded headband that is fully adjustable.

The BTH3 is lightweight and can be worn for extended periods of time without becoming uncomfortable.

Are Photive BTH3 Durable?

For a set of headphones in this price range, the Photive BTH3 is well made. It’s not as rugged as some of the more expensive designs I have reviewed; but for the money you spend, it is a sturdy and well-made product. I would feel comfortable taking them on the go or throwing them in a bag for daily use.

Photive BTH3 Features

Considering the price, Photive BTH3 headphones are packed with features. First, they offer the freedom of movement only Bluetooth wireless can provide. They are easy to pair to any Bluetooth device and once paired; the connection is stable and features a range of about 10 meters. After you pair for the first time, the BTH3 will automatically remember your configurations.

Photive BTH3 headphonesButtons on the Photive BTH3 allow you to perform numerous functions without removing your headphones. There is a button for turning the headphones on and off, plus there are buttons for play/pause, forward, skip, back, and rewind.

Many Bluetooth headphones on the market today feature a multifunction button (MFB), which when combined with other buttons allows you to perform various tasks with only a few available buttons. Because the BTH3 doesn’t use a multifunction button, there are more buttons on hand than on many of the other Bluetooth headphones in this price range.

This is not a bad thing or a good thing. Many will love the fact that you don’t have to remember multifunction button combinations, while others may not like the additional buttons. I personally don’t have a problem with either design but it is something worth noting on this model.

A built in microphone is also included, allowing you to make and receive phone calls, as well as give commands to your smartphone. The headset runs on a lithium ion battery which provides 12 hours of listening time before recharging is needed. When charging is required, simply use the included micro USB cable and the device recharges in about 2 hours. I like that the USB charge port is covered and protected, keeping moisture and rain from getting inside.

How do the Photive BTH3 Sound?

This headphone uses 40mm drivers which provide plenty of volume and power, as well as strong bass. They are good sounding headphones for the price, but they’re not amazing sounding either. I would recommend this set for those who want a feature packed wireless Bluetooth headphone at the lowest possible price. If sound quality is your primary goal, however, you might look for something wired with less features, that way most of the design costs are put into sound quality.

That being said, these are not bad headphones; they’re just not in the same category as nicer, more expensive models. They have a sound quality which is certainly better than that of the cheap earbuds that came with your device—plus they are wireless, a fact that is more than worth the price tag on its own.

There’s plenty of bass on tap, with a low end tonality that is surprisingly clean and clear. The highs are clear as well and aren’t brittle, a plus for this price range. The midrange isn’t as boxy as in some of the other headphones I have reviewed in this price range, but it does seem a bit subdued.

Our Verdict on Photive BTH3

Considering you get a well-made, comfortable to wear pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones for less than $40 dollars, the Photive BTH3 is a great deal.

It’s truly amazing that so many features can be put into a pair of headphones with such a low price. If you’re on a budget and looking for a Bluetooth wireless over ear headphone at the lowest possible price point, then the Photive BTH3 comes highly recommended.

I would definitely recommend this model if Bluetooth is your main concern. If sound quality is your priority, on the other hand, you might consider looking for a quality wired set with fewer features.

The 12 hour battery life is also a plus. Just understand that you get what you pay for and that a pair of headphones under $40 is not going to have the sound quality of a more expensive offering. Also keep in mind that the more features offered, the less design costs are allocated to any specific feature. In other words, if a headphone costs less than $40 dollars and has no additional features, more of the design costs will likely be put into sound quality. On the other hand, if a headphone is less than $40 and has a large number of features, sound quality is unlikely to be the primary focus.

Just consider what you are looking for and whether your priorities are Bluetooth wireless with lots of features, or something simpler. There is no correct answer; it just depends on your personal needs. If a budget Bluetooth headphone is what you’re looking for, however, the Photive BTH3 is definitely worth considering.

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